Anti-Plagiarism Policy

Feb 6, 2017


SZABIST has revised the Anti- plagiarism policy for Independent Studies, Thesis and Dissertation and has formulated a Research Review Committee with following composition.


At SZABIST, we use Turnitin for two purposes. (a) for Assignment Checking and (b) for Research Papers, Research Reports, Thesis and Dissertation. With the growing number of students, where many faculty members give assignments in their classes, similarly the number of MBA, MS and PhD students has grown into many in number; it is practically not possible for one individual to carry out the checking of all the said material through Turnitin.


(1)   For Research Papers, Research Reports, Thesis & Dissertations  

(a)    Turnitin Report Generation to be carried out by Head (IT) with Turnitin Parameters setting as follows:

-          Exclude Quotation

-          Exclude Bibliography

-          Word Match = 20

(b)   Manual Cross Verification: To be done by Research Committee and the verified reports are to be:

·         Retained by Research Committee if it is a Research Paper. No remuneration to be paid if found plagiarized more than 20% after manual verification.

·         Sent to the HOD of the concerned department. In case of Research Reports

·         Sent to the Academic Department in case of MS/PhD research work.

(2)   For Assignment Checking

(c)    Turnitin Report Generation is to be carried out by the concerned faculty member. If faculty member is visiting, then PM will facilitate the visiting faculty. The Turnitin parameters to be set as follows:

-          Include Quotation

-          Include Bibliography

-          Word Match = 15


Note: These polices are to be implemented for all current and future students.

Further information or guidelines please contact Head of IT Room 103 at 100 Campus.

Abdul Hafeez Abbasi

Head of IT